Project-Eo Multi Diary, Appointment Booking, Day Planner, Project Management and Time Billing

Appointment BookingAppointment Book - people

Time RecordingTime Recording - billing

Resource BookingResource Booking - things

Project ManagementProject Management - people and things


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Appointment Booking

Advice Centers
Doctors, Dentists, Homeopaths
Plumbers, Electricians, Builders
Garages (motor mechanics)
Collection and Delivery services
Sales force appointments
IT Support personnel etc

Resource Booking

Squash/Tennis Courts
Exercise Machines
Pool/Snooker Tables
Hot Desking
Public Rooms
Meeting Rooms
Computers (Internet Cafes, Community Centers, Learning Centers) etc

Time Recording / Billing

Public Relations
Outsourcers etc

Project Management

Human Resources
Plant & Machinery

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  • Fast and easy to use

  • Cut/Copy and Paste Items (to different resources/days)

  • Drag and drop items

  • Find - search any word and jump to the item

  • Day Setup (a setup for each day/half days etc)

  • Add/Remove/Rename/Organise Resources

  • Unlimited Resources

  • Special Days - Setup and Notification

  • Print Day/Week/Month (with hours analysis).