Project-Eo Multi Diary, Appointment Booking, Day Planner, Project Management and Time Billing

Appointment BookingAppointment Book - people

Time RecordingTime Recording - billing

Resource BookingResource Booking - things

Project ManagementProject Management - people and things


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Appointment Booking

Advice Centers
Doctors, Dentists, Homeopaths
Plumbers, Electricians, Builders
Garages (motor mechanics)
Collection and Delivery services
Sales force appointments
IT Support personnel etc

Resource Booking

Squash/Tennis Courts
Exercise Machines
Pool/Snooker Tables
Hot Desking
Public Rooms
Meeting Rooms
Computers (Internet Cafes, Community Centers, Learning Centers) etc

Time Recording / Billing

Public Relations
Outsourcers etc

Project Management

Human Resources
Plant & Machinery

FAQ ....

Can several people use Multi Diary at the same time?

We are working on a multi user version of Multi Diary at the moment.

Once you have seen the brilliant single user version of Multi Diary you will appreciate the advanced technology behind Multi Diary - we are working hard to bring you a multi user version. Contact if you are interested in the multi user versions of our products and we will let you know when they are available.

Can we have different diaries for different things?

The multi user version will have multiple diaries.

We are working on a multi user version of Multi Diary at the moment.

In the meantime you can install the software several times in different directories - however, you can only run one at once.

Contact if you are interested in the multi user/multi diary versions of our products.

Can we have a customised version of Multi Diary?

We can provide customised versions of Multi Diary (single and Multi User) for bigger organisations. 

If there is a feature that you would like to see in Multi Diary please tell us, we will try to add it to our next version.

Contact if you would like to suggest an enhancement to Multi Diary or wish to talk about enhancements specially for your business..